z-axis depending on darkness

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z-axis depending on darkness

Сообщение filip » 09 июл 2011, 15:00

I"ll buy an open source mini cnc this autumn. http://www.repairablemachines.com/introduction.html
To recuperate the cost I'd like to engrave shadow pictures of human faces. In Gimp : Colors, Posterize.
Timelab works with the cad.py and Replicator. http://www.repairablemachines.com/downloads.html
This does not suit my needs yet. They make contours.

e.g. the eyes are deeper in the face, so they are darker and so the tool should go deeper.

Any ideas ?
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Re: z-axis depending on darkness

Сообщение Nick » 09 июл 2011, 15:21

No question about it, Image-to-Gcode for raster images or gcodetools for vector. But I believe that Image-to-Gcode fits your needs better.

There are some similar programs called like image to gcode. One of them is free and included into EMC2 package: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.1/html/gui/i ... index.html
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