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Mach3 LED Code

Сообщение soulreaver » 11 янв 2015, 18:08

I have a question
Is there a code for Mach3 LED jog buttons ???, or can I assign an LED for the jog buttons?

Thanks for everyone
Mach3 LED Code mach3b.jpg
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Re: Mach3 LED Code

Сообщение S500 » 09 мар 2015, 05:49

I think in Mach3 you can't make custom Led Code.
I know several Led codes for Mach3 LED jog.
14 Jog Cont.
15 Jog Incr.
31 Throttle used for jog speed
47 Jog follow active
57 MPG jog mode
83 Jog enabled
105 Dual MPG jog mode enabled
121 External X Jog++ active
122 External X Jog-- active
123 Externall Y Jog++ active
124 External Y Jog-- active
125 External Z Jog++ active
126 External Z Jog-- active
127 External A Jog++ active
128 External A Jog-- active

Sorry I forget alot about Mach3,
Several months ago i started switching to LinuxCNC :thinking:
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